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No Shame!


The squirrel knows no shame.

He sits enthroned among the feeders
eating my seed,
fairly grinning at me,
and daring me to stop him.

He is the charming thief,
so cute you have to smile
as he picks your pocket,
empties the bird feeders,
carries off your suet.

It is ingrained in the American character.

We admire the clever thief,
the plausible conman,
the handsome outlaw.
Think of the books, the movies,
the legends and folk tales.

Maybe it is more human than American.

No, the squirrel knows no shame…
and, paradoxically,
we think the better of him
for it.

Snowy with her Eyes Open


Catching a Snowy Owl
with her eyes open
in day time,
is harder than you think,

at least in Maine,
at least this winter.

They sit on ice mounds,
the ground, chimney pots,
roof ridges, trees…
and squint in this southern sun,
in this winter’s snow glare.

Oh I see the pictures on the internet,
some taken by folks I know.

Wide eyed the Owl flies
straight for the camera,
or sits on a post 12 feet away
playing stare down, blink first,
with the lens.

Not for me.

My first owl with open eyes
sits in the tip top of a tall pine
across a hundred yards of marsh
in a wind strong enough
to keep her teetering
and in constant motion.

Ah well.
It gives me, as they say,
something to look forward to.