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Wind Dancer


The Prothonatory Warbler
danced along the viney branch
picking tiny seeds from
invisible perches,
tail feathers all awry,
every which way
in the strong May wind,
the picture of grace under fire,
too busy to be bothered
by its disheveled appearance.



The Bay-breasted Warbler
at Magee Marsh,
along the Erie Shore,
in northern Ohio,
cocks his head,

I peek into his moment,
privileged to share.

He is aware of me,
(if he is aware at all)
only as an possible obstruction,
(the way a tree trunk would be)
in his progress toward a meal.

I, on the other hand,
am very aware of him
as I swing to keep him in
the narrow view of the lens.

I admire his single minded
approach to life
and have to grin
to see him so intent.

I suspect that, in fact,
to an impartial observer of a third species
I, camera to my eye,
might look a lot like him.

Preventive Medicine


Catch yourself reflected
in a Woodcock’s eye.

One dose, taken yearly
(or as directed),
for the clarity of your soul.