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Preventive Medicine 2


Is it time again
for a dose of Redwoods?

Do I need to stand deep
in a grove of giants
and breathe myself small,
smaller, until I can
feel awe again,
until the breath…
         the slightest breath
of glory leakng
through the callused
skin, the rough bark,
of the world
makes me shiver?

Makes me sing above
the silence
like the wind so
high in the Redwood tops?

The Eye of the Pelican


In the Pelican’s eye we see
the confidence to soar…

to sense ahead of us
the constant upwelling of good will,
of creation, of love
that is the current that should carry us
soaring into a future
where we are all all we can be,
where we matter to each other,
where we each are the upwelling
where others soar.