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Cedar Waxwing


A pack of Cedar Waxwings
polishes off the fresh hatch
of Meadowhawk dragonflies
in their first flight
by the pond of a morning
swooping in to take them
inches from the ground.

Circle of life.

And no more beautiful predator,
no more elegant assassin,
always in evening dress,
than a waxwing.

If a Meadowhawk has to go,
Cedar Waxwing seems appropriate.

Ebony Jewelwings


Ebony Jewelwings are
what fairy Queens
ride (when they ride
by little forest brooks
and lively falling streams
with rock and song.)

I dare you to prove otherwise!

Steampunk Psychedelic


Like a steampunk psychedelic mashup
the Claw-tipped Emerald
hangs among the bright red berries:
it’s hydolic strutted wings fragile
with power, it’s jeweled body,
werewolf haired in all the wrong places,
rests unlikely, caught between
absolute form and ultimate function,
between strange beauty
and industrial design,
it bends the mind like a…
like a…
psychedelic steampunk collision.