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On the final day
of the Space Coast Birding Festival
when many had already given up
and gone home…
weather not the best,
and the birds scarce…
a group of us came around
the same corner at Merritt Island,
almost to the end of Blackpoint Drive,
and ran snack into this
amazing pool full of mixed waders…
dozens of Spoonbills, six or eight Wood Storks,
hundreds of Egrets: Snowy and Great,
sixty White Ibis and a handful
of Glossy, with one or two
Little Blue Herons and the same
in Greats… all feeding frantically
on some hatch of shrimp, or
spawn of minnows, turning
the little pool into a wildlife
spectacular to rival any in the world.

And we stood there and took shot after shot,
look after look, knowing we might,
none of us, ever see the like again.

And people actually wonder why we bird?