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Slapstick Pelicans


Don’t look now but I think the clowns are following us…

Ah, the life of a Pelican!

Anna’s at his Bath


The Anna’s Hummingbird
sits, impossibly,
on the rock edge,
the very lip,
where the water falls…

dividing the water
like a tiny Moses,
the rod of his bill
held high.

The gorget flashes
like glory over the waters,
even in the shadows
of the ornamental stream.

You have to wonder
if he could not have found
somewhere more convenient,
more comfortable, more secure,
for his bath.

But then he is, perhaps,
in all his ways,
showy enough
to off-set his size.



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The Anna’s sits on the branch tip
at Famosa Slough in San Diego,
chirps, chipps, chatters,
so uncharacteristic for a hummingbird,
so perfectly Anna’s.

And then it turns it’s head:
the sun lights the gorget,
flames the tiny feathers
of the full face helmet.


So. Now you got my attention!



The first in a  series of #picturepoems featuring birds.

The Song Sparrow sits
and sometimes sings
on Red Hot Poker Aole
atop the San Diego sea-cliff,
above the crashing surf,
a song so loud
so insistent so alive,
it makes the poker blush
and turns me bodily
from Sea Lion views:
face to face with such urgency,
so much vibrance, such assurance,
it can only be, however unlikely,  
a Song Sparrow.




Sunset in a downpour in San Diego
beautiful in its rarity, like a vision of another land,
another imperfect life, overlaid on paridise…

Of course they need the rain,
are somewhat desperate for the rain…
but this washing, this drenching
street and gully flooding downpour
shocks San Dieagens, sets cars skidding,
like snow in Atlanta, so the city
trembles…people scurry,
and there is a sudden run on
umbrellas at all the stores.