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Great Spangled Fritillery


Great Spangled Fritillery.

Has a poem for a name.

Tiger in the Tiger Lily


Our local Swallowtail is the Tiger,
and everyone here calls the common orange day lily
Tiger Lily (though it isn’t)
so, close enough, “Tiger in the Tiger Lily.”
And certainly exotic enough
to justify the name.
Such an outrageous play of color,
form, and texture,
as though the two
were arm wrestling
for the beauty crown!



The Swallowtail lites in the top
most branches of the minature
apple tree in our yard

and hangs, exotic fruit,
early ripened. If I reach to pick
the Swallowtail will be off,
making its erratic way
to its next perch, fluttering,
always just beyond my fingertips.

Only the heart is equipped,
is agile enough,
to pick such fruit.